Humor about my tumor.

Sometimes, when nothing is left to do, a sense of humor is all you need to hang on.

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I know, cancer is horrible monster. And there is nothing funny about it.
But somehow – even in the deepest despair – we are able to find some humor…
This what happened to me. Five years ago.

The Doctor told me: “You have a golf ball size tumor right in the middle in your chest”.
The sky fall over me.
After the shock come total numbness.
But few hours later i told the Doctor: “Doc, maybe I just swallowed the golf ball?”
And he said:” You know, if you can joke about that, you are going to survive it.”
Well, he was right…

Later that day I told my Friend about my ordeal.
And she said:” If you get Chemo, you are going to loose your hair.”
And I told her:” That’s okay, I never liked my hair anyway”.

Few weeks later I was waiting for my radiation treatment…

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