Dunkin’ Donuts Opens

Hello Saigon!

 photo 20131119_092932_zpsf1d6e882.jpgHere is the token Dunkin Donuts post. 🙂

 photo 20131119_093032_zpsaad214d0.jpgDunkin Donuts opened today and just a disclaimer, we didn’t set out to visit it just because it’s the first day. LOL.

 photo 20131119_093114_zpsd623c984.jpgHonest! We just happened to be in that area to get some shirts at SSIS for the Terry Fox Run on Sunday.

 photo 20131119_093121_zps73111321.jpgNow we have every reason to run on Sunday — to shed off the calories of this Bavarian Kreme.

 photo 20131119_093129_zpsadc5daae.jpgUnlike the donut phenomenon in the Philippines, there was hardly any line here. Nope, nobody had to sleep outside the shop to be first in line. 😛

 photo 20131119_095137_zps3386442c.jpgA box of 12 is 160,000 VND which puts the donut at 13,333 VND a piece. But buying just one piece will cost you 18,000 VND.

 photo 20131119_095215_zps22b7cbcd.jpgThey’ve got munchkins too, croissant, donut sandwich, and the big ‘n toasted sandwich. The flavors that I remember were (read: from the receipt): Sugar Raised, Dunkin…

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